Wise Self Meditation Script – Simonette Vaja

This visualisation is useful for the following issues:
What do I need to do now?
Confusion & Disappointments
Anxiety & Depression
Gaining direction for your life.
Making difficult decisions
Spiritual development
Purpose of my life

PROCESS – listen to Inner Wisdom Meditation mp3
Duration 30 minutes

Before and during the meditation you could ask the question –

“What guidance do I require at this moment in MY life? ”

Trust the responses, be open and listen to your inner voice(s)

Visualisation Script –
sharing this with your partner speaking slowly and pauses between ideas…

So finding yourself a comfortable position now, I would like you to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Be aware of the gentle rise and fall of your breath…focusing on your breathing, beginning to orientate yourself within. Getting ready now for a special journey within. I would like you to focus on the area of your heart. Allow yourself to experience a sense of understanding and acceptance. I would like you to use my voice as a guide; it does not need to be disturbing for this journey is connecting you to your Wise Self. As you focus on your heart be aware of the gentle rise and fall of your breath. I would like you to spend a few moments, considering your intention for this journey. …. Be aware of those feelings of acceptance and understanding that you can take with you on your journey within.

Allow yourself to get a sense of stepping into a pathway. And this pathway will be leading you to a very special and sacred space….a place where you can invite the image of your
Wise Self.

I would like you to get a sense of moving, moving easily and comfortably along this pathway of yours. Notice as you move what are the things there that you experience as you make your way along your pathway…how does it feel to you…and so as you make your way along the pathway…Leaving behind your everyday situation…becoming more and more focused within allowing for thoughts and reflections to move gracefully past…get a sense of moving deeper and deeper on this pathway of yours that leads you to a special place, your sanctuary taking you time allowing yourself to connect with your inner journey…….making your way gently and easily……. moving easily and comfortably toward your inner sanctuary. And wondering as you go…how your Wise Self will appear to you…and what might be the wisdom that comes to you, that you seek…and there can be an expectation as you make your way…nearly there… and so you come to a clearing and you can step into your sanctuary a place where you feel safe and comfortable…

A sacred space…where you can really come to know your own wisdom… and so I would like you to find yourself a place to rest. You might like to prepare this place so that you can invite your Wise Self to come and join you. Preparing yourself considering the questions that you want to know the answers to. Or simply preparing to meet your Wise Self.

So ready now… invite your Wise Self to come towards you….notice that the Wise Self can come in any form…and that your Wise Self comes to you now to be with you to share the wisdom. So welcome your Wise Self, get a sense of connecting and feeling the acceptance and the love that your Wise Self has for you…. And breathe that into your being. Allow yourself to spend some time now asking your Wise Self whatever it is you need to know…and so I will be quiet for a few moments, as you share this time connecting with your Wise Self…………………

And knowing at a deep level that your Wise Self knows you well…and cares so make sure that you ask those important questions and know that you can receive the answers and that they will be what you can put into practice or understand at this time in your life. That the Wise Self knows you well and can advise you and help you along your way. So receive that help now, receive the wisdom from within you, that you know just what it is that you need to do now or how it is that you need to feel, and that you can trust in that knowing…and that will be beneficial to you in your life. So enjoy your time with your Wise Self. Allow the Wise Self to guide you……………
And so as you receive this wisdom from within you, you can be glad and thank your Wise Self. And there can be a sense of freedom a sense of lightness now and you can enjoy that………..

$45 includes postage

$45 includes postage

You have that connection it is always there within you, and in those quiet times you can reflect again on your Wise Self. So in a few moments it will be time for you to make your way back…and know that you can come back at anytime to be with your Wise Self. And I wonder as you make your way back, if you notice something special that is there just for you…something that you might have missed…. bring that back with you as a special gift to remind yourself of your wisdom of your beauty and your strength…bring that knowledge back with you into your present life…making your way back, back along the pathway that connects back to your heart…coming back easily and comfortably, bringing back with you the wisdom and the healing.

Coming back…comfortably…easily…being aware now of your body resting…taking your time to rest there for a few more moments…giving yourself an opportunity to absorb your experience. Being aware again of your breathing…notice how your body is feeling. A sense of strength -feel that. It’s time now for you to be fully aware of your body and your surroundings, to be able to wriggle your feet and your toes. Coming back fully aware into the present here and now…taking in a nice deep breath and opening your eyes fully alert and present. That’s good


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