Compassionate ecology


In psychology and healing modalities there are many approaches or ways of being: My virtue card series encourage mindfulness and meditation practices, promote kindness and human values as your guiding principles for living a meaningful and healthy life and enriching your relationships. You probably realise that this way doesn’t happen in a vacuum separate from your environment or Culture and so by choosing to live according to sacred and important values, you can be reminded that we are all connected and that your actions, or non-actions do impact on others and your environment in significant ways.

Compassionate ecology is a term I reference which embraces an embodied spiritual practice. It involves personal inquiry through contemplation and meditative practices, being mindful, noticing your own passion and creativity, and includes an ongoing daily practice of contributing to your community in regular loving action that is inspired from your personal insights. Ikigai is the Japanese term roughly translated as “Your reason for living” and is strongly related to having an optimistic view of the future.

I am giving a profile to my Creativity and Contemplation cards and how you can use these to inspire you to interact with others from these compassionate and sacred virtues.  You are using the cards to remind you each day how you are choosing to relate to your experiences and relationships.  It is a quick and easy frame of reference and gives you an opportunity to choose how you will respond to situations and encounters.  I believe that the regular practice of meditation and mindfulness gives you peace of mind to be yourself, to trust yourself and to make a positive and compassionate difference.

There are nine categories of Virtues and Values within this contemplation series. By developing these qualities and characteristics through regular contemplation and compassionate action, you can enrich your life and those around you. So that your actions benefit and contribute in significant ways.

Contemplation practice:there are 44 Contemplation Virtue Cards in this pack and can be purchased from this link:
When you select a virtue from the 44 Contemplation Cards, you can hold this quality in your mind and heart; this can be an underlying and conscious guide to your actions throughout your life. This mindfulness practice can facilitate contributing to your everyday life in effective ways. By contemplating a specific image/word association card, your imagination is activated, deeply connecting you to an emotional realisation.

Each Art piece I finger painted in the moment, not really knowing what images would emerge
Over the past two years, living and surrounded by the beauty of Nature in the World Heritage Blue Mountains, I started painting on a regular basis as part of my meditative practice. Each piece came through as I let myself become part of the creative flow. In a pure state of wonder, I finger painted using pure pigment and they were a surprise to me as each new face came to life on the paper. As a psychologist I am working with people all the time, so it is understandable that people and faces, humanity and nature are the themes of my Art pieces.
I became totally drawn to my Art play and the creative process grew into the next phase of connecting the emotions and purity to particular human values and virtues. This card set was truly inspired to connect with you in important and meaningful ways. What is your gift to give and how to take this into action.

Compassionate ecology thrives on you having: hope, inspiration, creativity, generosity, gratefulness – these are all ways of being in the world that enrich your life. Studies have shown that these optimistic perspectives can significantly add to your overall well-being and even lengthen your lifespan by up to ten years.

Know that what you bring to your world is significant and each virtue with its pure images can remind you of the values you hold as guiding principles for sacred action.

You can practice each day holding a particular virtue in your mind, contemplating its meaning and significance as you go about your business. This can bring you closer to discovering your particular Ikigai. When you interact with others and you hold a particular virtue, this will have an effect on your relationships and the quality that is generated.  For example if you hold the virtue gratitude for your daily practice, you will be more likely to compliment the person and let them know what you are grateful to them for.  Compassionate ecology – growth from your personal interactions

Include listening to one or all of the guided meditations on my new CD and mp3
Creativity and Contemplation – mini meditations for mindful living
Each meditation is 10 minute duration – guided by Simonette Vaja

Facilitator for Life – skills programs

I having been teaching people to facilitate their own creativity and sacred circles for many years through Nature Care College.  I am now beginning a new face of Facilitator for Life courses which are designed to empowering you to achieve optimum mental health through contribution and being involved in giving your gifts and support to others.  Become involved in facilitating your own small groups of people to discover their creativity and gifts to give. Moving away from self focus to compassionate action.  What is your passion, your story, how can you take this to contribute to others and nature.  You will find my products and courses listed on my website  and please come and join me on my facebookpages

Call today so that I can help you to start on your journey of meaningful contribution and improve the quality of your life and relationships. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve what your heart desires.

Let your creativity flow

with humour and compassion we can all flourish,

much joy to you Simonette Vaja

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